Travel Photography Tricks and Tips You Should Know About

If you have been looking to improve your photography, it’s time you learnt a thing or two about travel photography. Many people prefer to keep souvenirs when they travel, so if you are the type that is interested in capturing beautiful moments you should be concerned about learning new tricks that will boost your game in photography. Marty Stallone is a photography expert and enthusiast of travel photography who has also been mentoring upcoming photographers. Here are tips he shares about travel photography that you should take into consideration to improve your skills in travel photography.

Get up early, leave late

As they say, the early bird catches the worm. This is also true about travel photography because light is one of the most important ingredients of photography that you can utilize to improve your skills. You need to understand the different lighting textures to capture moments in the most glaring way. In the morning, the warmth and softness of light creates awesome images and this is an opportunity to do exciting photos. Sunrise is not the only time you can achieve dramatic lighting opportunities, but sunset as well offers you a great opportunity to play around with different lighting features. It’s no wonder the hours before sunset and before sunrise are referred to as golden hours in photography circles.

Pre-trip location scouting

To improve your chances at taking perfect shots, you could read about a destination before you get there. There are many guidebooks you could read to get an idea about the destination and the things you will see or places that are ideal for travel photography. Also talk to friends who previously visited the destination to understand more about its features and exciting spots to visit that can make for ideal places for taking travel photos. The other option you could use to understand about a destination is following Instagram users who share photos about the place you are traveling to. This is part of preparation as it helps you understand what equipment will be suited for photographing at the destination.

Rule of thirds

There are several rules of photography that you need to understand and one of the most important that suits travel photography is the rule of thirds. In this rule, you are instructed to divide your screen into three parts in both directions. It is where the lines meet that you are supposed to place the subjects as this is the point the eye first lands. Positioning the subject perfectly eliminates noise and ensures you are able to capture the most important features. Ask yourself what the key points of interest are and make sure to consider these when taking your photos using the rule of thirds.


Through experimentation, you can easily come up with a different compositions. Although you might be good when standing, you could as well try to take several shots while on the ground to see how low angle shots will appear. Do many things including climbing on elevated grounds to see if you can introduce a dramatic outcome on your photos. You could do this along with several changes of angles of shoot, so basically don’t be satisfied with the only idea you have in mind.

Wander more

Many people think photographing at the most popular scenes is the best idea, but Martin J. Stallone says if you want your photos to be unique, wander away from these popular spots and get into destinations that are not often given priority by many photographers. This will help you achieve unique results that will be appealing to a wider audience.