4 Quick Ways To Add A Dash Of Humor To A Traditional Photo

Looking for ways to add a little humor into your photography? In 2017 alone experts estimate that 1.2 trillion photographs have been taken. How can we spice up these many boring photos with a good dose of humor? Laughter is good for the soul, and photographs make the perfect vehicle for humor. Here are five quick ways to add a dash of humor to photos today!

1. Edit Your Photo In An Unexpected Way


Recently there was a hilarious trend in wedding photography that I want to share here, in case you missed it. Do you know about the tradition of throwing a bouquet? Usually the bride stands with her back to the bridesmaids, and tosses a bouquet over her shoulder. In a quirky twist on this traditional photo, people have been using a photo editing app to erase the bouquet, and add in a clip of an airborne cat. The result is so hilarious that I hope this trend continues for many years. It makes one wonder: where else could the addition of a flying cat enhance the humor factor in our photos? My answer is everywhere and anywhere! The more flying cats the better.


2. Slow Motion


One of the best ways to get hilarious photographs is to take a video using your phone in slow motion. Many video apps have a slow motion feature, and when it is on you will see an activity done in minutes rather than seconds. This allows you to see the most awkward or absurd human motions, which you might have missed in real time. Take a screen shot of the funny movement, and there you have your next funny photo!


3. Animal Expressions


Animals do the strangest things, and one of the best things that you can do is a photographer is to catch fantastic moments of animal awesomeness. Watch your pet’s faces during the day and try to catch the moments that make them appear the silliest. Dogs might get crazy eyes when catching a treat from the air, or a cat might look absurdly blissful as you rub her belly. These moments are a humor photographer’s jackpot!


4. Finding The Right Combo


A friend of mine who works with advanced concrete tioga recently told me about a job in which he had to lay concrete in private residence. On the back patio, the house had a stone with the words carved into it: “Nothing Is Carved In Stone”. This combination made for a funny photo which his friends were able to laugh over. The key with finding funny combinations is that they must be conceptually ironic in some way. This could be a contrast, like a bird sitting on a “no birds” sign, or an unexpected twist like the words carved into stone that my friend uncovered. Look for these unusual combinations and don’t forget to capture them on film!

The media of photography has so much potential when it comes to humor. The world around us is incredibly funny, but the thing is that many people miss the hilarious moments that rain down around them. With a camera in hand, you can capture those moments and share them with the world. Develop your skill for noticing the expressions on animals faces, keep an eye out for unusual combinations, or use a photo editing app to doctor your photo once it is already taken.